The Scottish Property Blog 1st Jun 2016

Buy to let continues to present a strong investment opportunity for many. Scotland is facing a chronic housing shortage at a time when demand for rental properties is on the rise. Properties are letting in record breaking times, rents are at an all-time high in many areas, and voids are minimal. Furthermore, buy to let investment could be the best move to make, as stock market investments are possibly on the wane.

However the question on every savvy investor’s lips is how much my property is worth, and where is the next one coming from? The Scottish Property Blog series gives you the answers to these, and more, questions.

Location is key for buy to let investors. Landlords have a tendency to purchase in areas they are knowledgeable of in terms of property prices, monthly rents and the local amenities that attract tenants to an area. It may be worth considering unfamiliar territory, especially if you live in one of Scotland’s main cities. Towns on the outskirts frequently enjoy lower property prices, and therefore higher rental yields.

The Key Place gathers monthly statistics giving you current information about the buy to let market. We are therefore in a position to be able to offer advice on buy to let opportunities throughout Edinburgh & the Lothians, Central Scotland & West Lothian, and the Scottish Borders.

The buy to let market certainly seems set for continued growth. It poses a tempting prospect for anyone new to property investment, and existing landlords are already reaping the rewards, and adding to their portfolios. The Key Place is keen to work with people considering buy to let investing. We can help can source high yield properties in the areas in which you want to buy, find the best mortgage, complete the acquisition and fully manage your investment. Contact us now for further information.

The Scottish Property Blog is a fantastic resource for identifying investment properties and for information about local rental markets. The Scottish Property Blog series is expanding and so look out for information on other areas soon. In the meantime have a look at the links below.