The Key Place Newsletter, July 2016 1st Jul 2016

Welcome to the July edition of our newsletter, giving you news from across the rental industry.  This month we look at the impact of Brexit for homeowners and landlords.  We look at increasing rents in Scotland.  We also discuss the HMO market.  Tenant satisfaction is high which is very reassuring, find out more.  If you are wondering where to invest your pension, consider bricks and mortar.  And finally when buying a property, it's not only the big things that matter - consider the little things too.  We hope you enjoy The Key Place newsletter.  Please share with friends and they can subscribe to be added to our mailing list. 

Brexit 1st Jul 2016

As we all know by now, the United Kingdom & Northern Ireland overall voted narrowly to leave the EU but Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the UK and, as a result, the Scottish Government is talking about Scotland remaining in the EU via Indy Ref 2.

Rents Riding High 1st Jul 2016

The latest research by Your Move reveals that rents in Scotland have hit a record high. Average monthly rents have risen by 1.3% from £542 in April to £549 in May. Edinburgh & the Lothian’s have seen the biggest annual regional rise in rents – up 12% (£69) overall.

The HMO Market 1st Jul 2016

Recent research has found that over the last 5 years, HMO investors have received a higher return on their investment than the average buy to let investor. Since 2011, the average gross return for HMOs before voids and maintenance on capital has increased by 18-20% compared with an average gross return of 6-8% for traditional buy to lets. Putting this into numbers - £1000 invested in HMO in 2011 has grown to £1900 in 2016; £1000 invested in an average buy to let in 2011 has grown to £1300 in 2016 (based on cash flow excluding equity). Indeed, there are predictions that HMOs will be the most popular property choice amongst buy to let investors over 2016 (Shawbrook). 34% of investors cited HMOs as their preferred property type, followed by terraced housing at 28% then flats and...

Happy Tenants 1st Jul 2016

We know that tenant demand in the UK is far outstripping supply, and this demand is on the increase. It is therefore reassuring to read the latest research from Paragon Mortgages which reveals that within the Private Rented Sector (PRS) there is a high degree of tenant satisfaction.

Deal Breakers 1st Jul 2016

Knowing what puts off potential property purchasers and tenants from buying or renting a property is fundemental to being successful at buy to let. When it comes to buying a buy to let property, you need to consider not only the big things, but also the little things as well, as both are really important. The ‘big things’ are of course rental yields, capital growth and how easy it is to sell your property . However the ‘little things` are really important to buyers and renters so must be given due consideration too. Research undertaken by easyProperty asked 1,000 UK adults what things would put them off an otherwise suitable property they were viewing other than the condition the property itself. There responses were fascinating. Many of the people taking part in the survey...

Investing your Pension 1st Jul 2016

Last year the percentage of retired landlords entering the buy-to-let market doubled, according to mortgage broker Commercial Trust. Figures show applications from individuals aged 55 to 59 grew to 18.5 per cent in the third quarter of 2015, up 11.5 per cent from the first three months of the year. Those aged 55 to 70 now make up 31 per cent of applications, with the broker predicting this trend is set to continue.