The Key Place Newsletter, February 2017 1st Feb 2017

Welcome to the February edition of our newsletter. This month we look at  how and where to find high yield investment properties.  Gregor McMeechan of Malleny Mortgage Solutions discusses buy to let mortgages.  Lindsays solicitors give an overview of House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) licensing, and we look at investing in HMO in Edinburgh.  We explore how the rental market is performing in Scotland.  And finally, Midlothian Women in Business is a monthly networking group - read our exciting programme of speakers for the coming months.  We hope you enjoy The Key Place newsletter.  Please share with friends and they can subscribe to be added to our mailing list. 

High Yield Investments 1st Feb 2017

Location is key for buy to let investors. However landlords have a tendency to purchase in areas they are knowledgeable of in terms of property prices, monthly rents and the local amenities that attract tenants to an area. It may well be worth considering unfamiliar territory, especially if you live in one of Scotland’s main cities. Towns on the outskirts frequently enjoy lower property prices, and therefore far higher rental yields. Before you make any decision on where and what to buy, you need to bear in mind that there are 2 ways in which you can earn from property investment. Capital growth or capital appreciation is the increase in the value of your property over time. Rental income is the rent paid to you monthly by the tenant. If you divide the annual rent into the purchase...

Buy to let: A New Dawn 1st Feb 2017

Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, said that “the only constant is change.” Well that’s certainly been true for the buy to let market in the last 18 months! The New Dawn is here and we are all wakening up to a new buy to let world.

HMO Licensing 1st Feb 2017

Lindsays is an award winning law firm that combines a high quality of service with legal expertise to deliver the best possible outcomes and results for individuals, families and businesses. Within the housing sector, the Lindsays team offer a wide range of specialist legal services for landlords. Follow the link below to read Lindsays' overview of HMO licensing.

HMO Investing in Edinburgh 1st Feb 2017

The Scottish rental market remains buoyant overall, with good rents being achieved for the right properties in the right location. Given that Edinburgh is the UK’s 2nd largest financial sector, and the 4th largest in Europe, and has Edinburgh University which ranks 19th in the world, 5th in the UK, and highest in Scotland, there are plenty of young professionals and students keen to let, as they do not want to commit to buying.

PRS Market Performance 1st Feb 2017

Citylets have recently released their quarterly report, providing information about the current rental climate Scotland wide.  Overall they record national figures being down 0.9% year on year to stand at an average of £739pcm. However this figure is being dragged down by falling rents in Aberdeen. Edinburgh saw annual growth of 3.6%, and the Central Belt 4.9%.

Midlothian Women in Business 1st Feb 2017

Midlothian Women in Business is an informal networking group bringing like-minded women together once a month, in order to collaborate and share information and experiences in order to grow our businesses. There are no membership costs, and all women who are in business in Midlothian, or are interested in expanding into Midlothian, are very welcome. Just buy your own cuppa. Meetings are held 9.30-11am, Dalhousie Castle, Bonnyrigg.