Midlothian Women in Business 1st Feb 2017

Midlothian Women in Business is an informal networking group bringing like-minded women together once a month, in order to collaborate and share information and experiences in order to grow our businesses. There are no membership costs, and all women who are in business in Midlothian, or are interested in expanding into Midlothian, are very welcome. Just buy your own cuppa. Meetings are held 9.30-11am, Dalhousie Castle, Bonnyrigg.

Every month we have a topic for discussion, led by an industry expert. We have an exciting programme taking us up to the summer as follows:

Tuesday 28th February, 2017
Sam Gardner, HR Consultancy

How we come across to others is of vital importance if we have goods and services to sell. Even if you are not looking for a career change, Sam’s top tips will help to build confidence, and enable you to present yourself to others in a positive way. Sam will take us through:

- How to write a CV that sells you
- Managing your public profile
- How to prepare for an interview
- What to wear

Tuesday 21st March, 2017
Philip Horne, E-Business Promotion

Discover the business opportunities on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for generating business to business leads with over 80% of all leads (with Twitter at 13% and Facebook 3%).

Philip Horne has developed a proven 5 stage system called Sales 24/7 to harness the lead generation potential of LinkedIn:

- Step 1: Profiling
- Step 2: Positioning
- Step 3: Content
- Step 4: Prospecting
- Step 5: Messaging

During the presentation he will explain the steps and how by following these you can generate awareness, create leads and generate business.

Tuesday 25th April, 2017
Alex Hazlewood, Really Good Computer Services

A not to be missed talk on computer security, including:
- The government Cyber essentials scheme and why you need it to improve your tender conversion.
- The damage that can be done from a stolen laptop / unlocked laptop (what a hacker can get from your computer and the implications)
- Disaster recovery and IT continuity planning - how to make sure your company survives a fire / flood or theft
- Things you can do today, tips to take back to the office to instantly improve your security

Tuesday 23rd May, 2017
Karen Jacques, Sales and Marketing Solutions

Midlothian business owners, don’t miss this event. Karen Jacques will lead a discussion on marketing ourselves in Midlothian, what works and what doesn't work, and how we can become more collaborative.

Tuesday 20th June, 2017
Agnesia Agrella, Business Analyst and and Business Transformation Specialist

Agnesia Agrella will talk us through business continuity and key man/woman dependencies in small businesses. Essential information for all SME’s.