The Key Place Newsletter, July 2015. 1st Jul 2015

Welcome to the July edition of our newsletter, in which we give you up to date news from across the rental industry.  This month we are looking at HMO lets, both as a buy-to-let opportunity, and the application process involved. We point investors towards the Scottish property blog series.  And we introduce Hunter Wealth Management.

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Meet The Key Place Staff 1st Jul 2015

Karen Clelland is the manager of our Bo’ness office, which she runs with great energy and expertise. Karen has been with The Key Place for 9 years and joined looking for a total change of career. With no shortage of variety in her role, she enjoys meeting new people and likes the daily challenges that running a busy letting agency brings. Her least favourite part of the job is keeping the peace! Karen is a talented musician and used to play the bagpipes. She has a passion for Ireland, and enjoys regular trips there. Karen’s favourite quote is ‘don't let the past steal your future’. Rose Wilson is one of our valued letting agents and has been with The Key Place for almost 5 years. Rose heard about a vacancy at The Key Place while she was looking for a job and so applied...

Penicuik Property Blog 1st Jul 2015

Landlords, how much is your property worth, and where is the next one coming from?  The Penicuik Property Blog (the first in the Scottish Property Blog series) gives you the answers.Click here to read Penicuik Property Blog.

Buy -to- Let, the HMO Market 1st Jul 2015

If you are thinking about expanding your property portfolio, the House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) market provides a high yield, stable investment opportunity. As such, it is becoming an increasingly popular buy-to-let investment choice.

The Basics of HMO 1st Jul 2015

So you are considering going down the House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) route but what do you need to know?

Landlord Tax 1st Jul 2015

Taxes are an unavoidable fact of life, and with an increasing number of people jumping on the buy-to-let bandwagon, the HMRC is cracking down on landlords. If you do decide to chance your luck, there are hefty fines and even jail sentences if you get caught, so why take the risk in the first place? However nobody wants to pay more tax than they have to, and so here are some top tips to help maximise your income.

Hunter Wealth Management 1st Jul 2015

Are you a landlord? Or are you considering an investment property? At The Key Place we can introduce you to IFAs who will give you a holistic view on your financial future and can help you to start or develop an existing buy-to-let portfolio. As whole of market advisers they are not tied to any one lender or insurer and can recommend a lender that is suitable for your personal needs and ensure that you can meet their criteria. Do you already have an investment property without a mortgage? Did you know that having a mortgage can not only help you build your portfolio by providing the deposit for your next rental property, but may also increase your returns as the interest payments can be offset against your tax bill? You are also then spreading the risk of rental gaps across...