HMO Fee Change 1st Jul 2017

The City of Edinburgh Council has introduced a new fee structure for House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licences. This came into effect on 1st June 2017. If there are 3 or more unrelated tenants in your rental property, it is essential you have an HMO license.

New HMO applications will only be granted for 1 year but renewal applications received after 1st June 2017 can be granted for 1 or 3 years depending on landlord preference. The new fees for 3 year licences are cheaper than the cost of 3 annual licences under the old fee structure, so represent a saving for landlords applying for a 3 year licence.

Consideration for the 3 year license will only be given for suitable properties on a case by case basis, and may be restricted to 1 year if the council have any property or landlord concerns. A risk based assessment process will determine suitability, taking into account previous monitoring and inspection visits, complaints and enforcement issues. It is expected that the introduction of a risk based assessment process combined with a robust complaints system will provide greater reassurance for residents and communities, enabling an early review to take place if required.

Edinburgh Council have committed to introducing an online application process, which they hope to have in place by the end of this year. The system will automatically remind licence holders of when renewal is due and will provide updates on the progress of the application. It will include the facility to submit certificates/floor plans online and users will also be able to arrange inspection appointments themselves online.

For further information on the new fee structure, including costs, please click on the following link: