The Key Place Newsletter, September 2015 1st Sep 2015

Welcome to the September edition of our newsletter, giving you current news from across the rental industry.  This month we are looking at how to achieve the best rent for your property.  We look at Osborne's tax relief cuts and implications for landlords.  We also explain the Repairing Standard. 

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Meet The Key Place Staff 1st Sep 2015

Helene Wilkinson is the Manager. Helene has worked with The Key Place for 3 years. She started as a Letting Agent in our Bo’ness office, before taking over the helm in Penicuik. Previously Helene worked for land securities and dealt with commercial properties, however was keen to move into private lettings. Helene lived in Switzerland for 5 years and enjoyed the winter sports, snowboarding, skiing and ice skating and climbed the Matterhorn but took the easy route up! She lived in a couple of European countries and loved Italy especially Venice and Rome. Helene enjoys cooking international food and is interested in many cultures. She loves being a mum to her 19 year old who goes off to university soon.

Achieving the Best Rent 1st Sep 2015

In recent newsletters we have talked a lot about rents currently being at a premium. The Key Place carries out regular rent reviews, and if we feel that we can achieve more for your property then we will do this for you. However as a landlord, you need to invest in your property in order to make it attractive to tenants. And if you choose not to put money into maintaining and upgrading your property, then you cannot expect to get the optimum rent for it. The Key Place will advise on what can be done to achieve the best rent. What do tenants expect in 2015?

Electrical and CO Legislation 1st Sep 2015

New legislation comes into force from 1st December 2015 regarding electrical safety checks and carbon monoxide monitoring. The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 requires landlords to comply with the Repairing Standard with regards to the following:

The Repairing Standard 1st Sep 2015

The Repairing Standard, contained in the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006, covers the legal and contractual obligations of private landlords to ensure that a property meets a minimum physical standard. There are serious penalties for non-compliance which can include cessation of rent and even criminal charges being brought.

Buy-To-Let Tax Hikes 1st Sep 2015

The tax changes brought into effect in the July budget will impact buy-to-let landlords. The changes will be phased in over 4 years from April 2017.

Penicuik Property Blog 1st Sep 2015

Landlords, do extra bedrooms add to your rental value?  Read the latest from the Penicuik Property Blog hereClick here to read Penicuik Property Blog.