Meet The Key Place Staff 1st Sep 2015

Helene Wilkinson is the Manager. Helene has worked with The Key Place for 3 years. She started as a Letting Agent in our Bo’ness office, before taking over the helm in Penicuik. Previously Helene worked for land securities and dealt with commercial properties, however was keen to move into private lettings. Helene lived in Switzerland for 5 years and enjoyed the winter sports, snowboarding, skiing and ice skating and climbed the Matterhorn but took the easy route up! She lived in a couple of European countries and loved Italy especially Venice and Rome. Helene enjoys cooking international food and is interested in many cultures. She loves being a mum to her 19 year old who goes off to university soon.

Nicky Wood has worked with The Key Place for almost 2 years. She thought the job would be interesting, which it has proved to be. Nicky likes the fact that every day is different and she never knows what the day will bring (good or bad!). She least enjoys sorting out repairs. Before joining The Key Place, Nicky was a clerk in the army for almost 9 years, serving in Headquarters in the UK, the Falklands, Germany and Northern Ireland, reaching the rank of Corporal. Not many people know that Nicky learned to drive in a week, she started on the Monday and took and passed her test on the Friday (the Army examiner did say I'm pleased to say you've passed but please don't get any worse!). Nicky is a proud mum to 3 children, aged 22, 20 and 14. Nicky’s favorite quote is – ‘The 6 Ps - Prior Planning Prevents P*** Poor Performance, there is no excuse for bad planning!’