The Key Place Newsletter, October 2015 1st Oct 2015

Welcome to the October edition of our newsletter, giving you current news from across the rental industry.  This month we are looking at rent controls and the implications for you as a landlord.  We discuss the forthcoming letting agent regulation; and read our top tips for winter proofing your property. 

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Meet The Key Place Staff 1st Oct 2015

Our busy accounts team are the cogs behind The Key Place wheel, keeping things ticking over efficiently.  From ensuring rent has been paid by tenants, to chasing unpaid rents, to remitting rents to landlords less deductions, to paying tradesmen, their days are packed and varied.  

Rent Controls 1st Oct 2015

There are approximately 330,000 rental properties, housing about 670,000 tenants in Scotland, and the Scottish Government is proposing to introduce rent controls to protect these tenants from rent hikes by rogue landlords in the Private Tenancies Bill. In the recent Consultation on a New Tenancy for the Private Rented Sector (PRS), 70% of respondents stated that they did not support the introduction of rent controls.

Letting Agent Regulation 1st Oct 2015

The letting industry in Scotland has grown over the years. It is estimated there are approximately 700 letting businesses, accounting for around 50% of all annual lettings. Together, the businesses are responsible for about 150,000 lettings per year. Many letting agents operate in a professional manner, complying with voluntary codes of practice and offering a high standard of service. However there are some letting agents who fail to offer a quality service, and in some cases operate illegal practices. And so at long last, letting agents are to be regulated under The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014. The Key Place thinks this is well overdue. The Scottish Government is currently consulting on a draft statutory code of practice and training requirements, which will go on to form the...

Winter Maintenance 1st Oct 2015

Whilst basking in the autumn sunshine, it is worth turning your mind for a few minutes to those cold winter months that may be just around the corner, and considering how you can protect your buy to let investment against the less clement weather conditions that us hardy Scots are used to.

Serious Organised Crime and the Private Rented Sector 1st Oct 2015

The following statement comes directly from Police Scotland:

Confessions of a . . . Letting Agent 1st Oct 2015

This week I’ve got a story for you about how The Key Place goes the extra mile to help our tenants, and therefore our landlords too.