The Key Place Newsletter, February 2016 1st Feb 2016

Welcome to the February edition of our newsletter, giving you current news from across the rental industry.  This month we are looking at the how the rental market performed in Q4 of 2015; we discuss the Private Tenancies (Housing) Bill; we discuss what to do if a tenant dies;  we introduce the Falkirk Property Blog; and if you want to earn £100 cash in hand, then read on.   We hope you enjoy The Key Place newsletter.  Please share with friends and they can subscribe to be added to our mailing list. 

The Scottish Rental Market, Q4 1st Feb 2016

Citylets have observed that in the final quarter (Q4) of 2015 (October – December) growth has slowed in comparison to Q3 with rents falling slightly from £757 to £747. However there was a last minute end of year surge with rents up 0.4% in December alone – this is the highest monthly rise since June (Your Move). The national average has increased 2% on the same time last year.

Private Housing (Tenancies) Bill 1st Feb 2016

The Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Bill aims to protect tenants from the prospect of unfair eviction, and rent increases. It is claimed that the Bill will ‘provide security and stability to tenants while ensuring the sector is attractive to landlords and investors’.

The Falkirk Property Blog 1st Feb 2016

The Falkirk Property Blog is packed with information on the buy to let market in Falkirk.Click here to read The Falkirk Property Blog.

New Landlords Wanted 1st Feb 2016

If you have read this month’s newsletter article on the rental market in Scotland, then you will be aware that tenant demand for rental properties is still massively outstripping supply. The Key Place is receiving a huge number of viewing enquiries for well presented, well priced properties in good locations.

Dealing with Tenant Deaths 1st Feb 2016

Sadly tenant deaths are a fact of life. It is important you know where you stand as a landlord and what actions you can take.

Death of a Tenant 1st Feb 2016

Sadly as a Letting Agent, The Key Place has had to deal with the death of one of our tenants on a few occasions now. Our first experience was a helpful introduction, as we knew the lawyer of the deceased and we could therefore work together to find a solution.