Tenant Information Pack (TIP) 1st Apr 2016

Landlords have been legally required to provide new tenants with a Tenant Information Pack (TIP) since 1st May 2013. The TIP provides information to tenants in private rented housing about property condition (Repairing Standards), tenancy agreements, and the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants. The pack was revised on 2 February 2016 to take into account the following legislative changes arising from the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014:

• carbon monoxide detection;

• electrical safety inspections; and

• third party applications in respect of the repairing standard

The pack must be given to all new tenants in assured or short assured tenancies, including the renewal of existing tenancies where the tenants sign a new lease. It does not need to be provided to tenants within an existing lease (if signed before TIPs were introduced). If a letting agent manages the property on behalf of the landlord, then they must provide the pack along with the start of tenancy documents (AT5, lease). However, the legal duty to ensure that the tenant receives a tenant information pack remains with the landlord. The Key Place provides all tenants with a TIP.

The TIP must be given as it is set out on the Scottish Government website. It must not be modified in any way. As changes occur to housing law not infrequently, the most up-to-date version of the pack must be served. The TIP can be given to the tenant as a hardcopy which must be signed by tenant and landlord/agent, or can be provided electronically – in this case receipt of the pack must be acknowledged electronically. In joint tenancies, one pack between tenants is all that is legally required, although it is recommended to give a pack to each tenant. Along with the pack it is a legal requirement to provide a copy of the Landlords Gas Safety Certificate and a copy of the Electrical Installation Condition Report.

Failure to provide the Tenant Information Pack is a criminal offence and carries fines of up to £500 for the landlord.

To view a copy of the current TIP follow the link below.